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South Jackson

The regions south of the city limits of Jackson Hole are by far the areas where most locals live. The valley south of Jackson features nice views of the Grand Teton and sweeping valley views over Munger Mountain and the Game Creek area. The roadway has been expanded to a 5 lane hi-way to service the increased local commuter traffic flow for about 5 miles south of town. This area tends to get a bit less snowfall and the sun in winter hours is longer as it sits back away from the Teton Range to the West.

There is a fabulous new trail system now in place that allows locals to the South hiking and biking access to the schools and town of Jackson Hole. A new Grocery Store has been built next to the High School and is used by the locals on this side of town. Most of the terrain is on the valley floor with a few small subdivisions tucked away on the hillsides and forested areas. There is also some light industrial use and storage stables along the Hwy 89 corridor leading south out of town. A few new Golf Courses and recreational areas are now being developed in the South Region of Jackson Hole.

Rafter J Ranch Subdivision / South Jackson Region

The Rafter J Subdivision is one of the oldest and largest subdivisions in Jackson Hole and is home to many of the locals that live and work in the community. This subdivision was well laid out and has good covenants and restrictions which keep these moderate homes and few remaining sites neat and clean. There is now a bike and hiking trail that connects all of Jackson Hole and the South Park Loop area together. These medium price houses are on approximately ¼ acre lots and the average size home is between 1800 and 2500 square feet ranging in price from 400,000 to 700,000. The area has a great community environment and is popular for young families with children. The development is about 3 miles south of the town of Jackson and close to the new Smiths Grocery Store and the newer schools recently built for all grade levels.

Melody Ranch Subdivision / South Jackson Real Estate

The Melody Ranch subdivision is about 5 miles south of the Town of Jackson Hole and is a newer subdivision that has attracted many local buyers as well as second home buyers. The lots are platted in a nicely laid out street and are a bit smaller in size at around ¼ acres. Some of these homes and sites feature Grand Teton views and there are a few water features in the form of creeks and tributaries of Flat Creek that runs from the Elk Refuge north of town to the Snake River south of Melody Ranch. The development is creating a new community of people made up mostly of locals that have succeeded in business or have brought in funds from out of the area to afford the prices that are ranging from around $600,000 for the moderate properties to $1,250,000 for the nicer homes with better privacy and views. The schools and other Jackson amenities are close by and the new bike and hiking trails are within easy access.

South Park Ranches Subdivision /Jackson Hole South

The South Park Loop road starts north of this subdivision near town and comes around in a big loop to the south end near Melody Ranch. In about the middle of this scenic loop road is an older subdivision known as the South Park Ranches. These original lots are 3 acre lots in size and are also popular for horses. Most of the homes have great views of the Grand Teton as well. The older homes in the area have recently experienced a major renovation by locals desiring to increase the value and quality of the older homes that were originally developed. For this reason, it has become a mixed bag of higher-end homes next to small moderate homes. The price ranges are ranging from around $600,000 to $1,500,000. This has been a very popular area for residents seeking a unique area with upside potential as the homes are continually renovated.

Polo Ranches Subdivision /South of Jackson Hole

These 3- 6-acre parcels are on the bottomlands of the Snake River drainage area south of the Harrison Ford Ranch. There are beautiful stands of Cottonwoods and Pine trees that screen each property from each other. The Polo Ranch subdivision is an older subdivision that was built with larger homes but most are now dated and new owners are remodeling and adding on to the homes to take advantage of the good location they have as well as the beautiful setting of the property. Horses are also allowed for the riding enthusiast. There are no polo fields per se but the riding through the area is fabulous. The subdivision has both full time and part time residents and enjoys wonderful privacy. Proximity to the town of Jackson and schools is also good from this development.

Dairy Ranch Subdivision / South Jackson

This is the closest of the South Jackson Hole Real Estate area not within the town limits. The Dairy Ranch region is a bit of an older subdivision that was divided into 35-acre square tracts. They are excellent horse properties and have recently become popular for the high-end second home buyer. The Teton Views combined with the proximity and lot sizes have driven the subdivision and home higher recently. A lot may range from $1,250,000 and up while a home may cost well over 2 million. The lots, for the most part, had no native trees as it was perched up on the bench above the Snake River. The homeowners are now planting and irrigating the properties for screening. The larger size of the lots does provide nice privacy and as the landscaping matures the properties will be a bit more secluded.

Three Creek Ranch Golf Subdivision /South Jackson Real Estate

The Three Creek Ranch is the newest plat South of Town Jackson Real Estate on a large 700-acre tract of land recently purchased for 75 million in 2003. This exclusive new private golf and fishing club is on the upper and lower bench area of the Snake River and is adjacent to the Harrison Ford Ranch which sits on 700 acres of the Snake River below the new golf course. The development is presently the only private course and is attracting high-end buyers looking for privacy, good location, and unique amenities. Lot prices are well over a million dollars and many new log lodges are being built by the developer on attractive lots around the golf course. The course is set to open in 2005 and is said to offer some of the best scenic golfing in the area.