Is the Real Estate Market Soft in Jackson Hole?

This is a great question. As lead broker for the Miller team and owner of the Jackson Hole Real Estate Company, I strongly do not believe this is the case. However, leading brokers are promoting this “soft market” mindset presently to desperately keep a seller stranglehold on high end listings in the valley for long durations of time.

My argument is valid. Here are a few reasons backed by facts. They are:

1. The Miller team at Jackson Hole Real Estate Company has increase our sales volume by a whopping 20 million dollars in the past 12 months through strategic marketing and lead follow up. We have a detailed market analysis prepared for sellers wanting to know more about our targeted strategy. It is simply the best.

2. High End listings are being held hostage on the Market in MLS way too long. Many buyers we are working with are concerned when they see these properties on the market from 360 days to in some instances for well over 1000 days. Seriously?? This is extremely difficult to explain to a high end buyer when they ask the listing broker attending the showing for a good reason. I heard several agents this year explain it away that it is a “soft market” and is very common in our marketplace.

3. This is only a good excuse and lame in my opinion and becomes an objection in and of itself  to overcome with the buyer right from the start of the showing. There is simply a lack of urgency if a buyer thinks he can buy it 2 years from now at possibly a reduced price. This is why I encourage listings in MLS only sometimes through short selling seasons like summer and winter.

4. The amount of money generated since the last election is in the trillions for high end clients so would we say the money supply is “soft”. That would be nonsense.

Posted By Ron Miller / Jackson Hole Real Estate Broker